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Virtual Master 5 Studio

Virtualize special CDs such like SafeDisc in RAW mode

Our ultra-compatible Virtual RAW modes will let you Virtualize and play just about any special CD such as RingProtectCD, SecuROM, CopyControl CD, and various SafeDiscs.

Create an exact virtual copy in COOK mode that's even compatible with TAO

Frequently used dictionary CD, your favorite audio CD, game CD -- Virtualize various CD/DVD and store them on your harddrive. Virtualize in COOK mode to easily backup TAO CD such as digital camera PhotoCD and multisession CDs.

Even convert Clone CD image to Virtual Disc

Even though you copy the image of a special CD onto real CD-R, due to compatibility problems with CD drives for writing and playing, you can only use 50% to 70% of them. However, you can use just about any image or CD with Virtual Master's ultra-compatible Virtual Drive.

Only VM lets you virtualize so many formats

- SafeDisc
- SecuROM
- RingProtect
- CopyControl CD
- CD-ROM(Mode1/Mode2 XA)
- CD-DA(Audio CD)
- Multisession CD
- MixMode CD(Game CD)
- CD Extra
- Video CD
- Photo CD
- Hybrid CD
- ISO9660 CD
- DVD-Video
- PlayStation CD
- Virtual Multimedia Disc
- MPEG Video
- MP3 Sound
- Wave Sound
- ISO9660 File
- WMA Sound
Successfully virtualize in 1-touch. You can even virtualize special CDs in automatic setting!

Burn Virtual Discs to CD-R -- Easily succeed with CD/DVD Copier

Make backup copies of CD/DVD sold at stores in one-touch!
And write them simultaneously onto 4 CD-R discs with 4 CD-R drives.

The Ultimate tool for organizing DVDs in CD magazine format

You can store several CD volume files in a DVD-R disc. When playing the DVD-R disc, you can use software for CD to play it, making DVD use extremely smooth.
12 hours of continuous movie files (22.5GB) of the next DVD generation can also be used as one huge Virtual Disc.

Only Virtual Master can do this

You can powerfully backup copies of various types of Virtual CD and real CD.
Startup 4 CD-R writing engines and backup simultaneously different Virtual CDs and real CDs.

Drag 'n Drop Easy Writer

You can make data CD/DVD and audio CD by simply drag and drop with your mouse. Either write them onto CD-R like a floppy disk or save it onto your harddrive as a Virtual Disc.

Mastering for Pros -- Edit Virtual Discs all you need, any way you want

Virtual Master's interoperable Virtual Disc←→Real Disc system makes editing 10 times faster! It comes with professional hi-tech functions such as controlling audio CD gaps (soundless sections) and CD-TEXT editing. Multi-operation lets you use several drives simultaneously.

What is Virtual Master 5 Studio?

A Virtual Disc utility software. This is the main window that is can be used to load other softwares. It comes with COOK mode and RAW mode.

Easy Writer
A simple and easy writing software. This writing software will let you make data CD/DVDs and audio CDs as easily as drag & dropping files onto a floppy disc drive.

A wriitng software for professional use. This writing software for pros allow you to configure detailed CD-R/DVD-R settings to write, and its powerful editor will let you edit contents of a CD that can be used as a master disc.

CD/DVD Copier
A powerful CD/DVD backup tool. This software not only automates those troublesome writing settings, but also lets you configure them to create copies of discs anyway they want. You can simultaneously copy a disc onto 4 drives!

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List of DVD-R/RW drives compatible with VM Series >>>
List of CD-R/RW drives compatible with VM Series >>>


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